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Issue on iOS6 update for Gaia GPS and Offline Topo Maps

Gaia GPS and Offline Topo Maps have a temporary issue for people upgrading from iOS5->iOS6. None of your data has been lost, but when you update your operating system, the apps misplace your tracks and maps. This is because we have a bit of fragile code, and it broke when Apple changed a “hash” function… Read More »

User Praise from Alaska

This past Wednesday we received an email from a user in Alaska, who used Gaia to good effect when a storm struck: The email that simply read, “the gps worked awesome in Alaska and saved my ass in a white out.” Sign Up for our Newsletter

Trimble-MyTopo Kills Topo Server, Intentionally Cripples Gaia GPS and Other Leading Apps

Update, March 2016: Trimble has discontinued all of their apps as of March 26, 2016. They list Gaia GPS as a recommended replacement for all Trimble and MyTopo apps. Update: We now have our own USGS topo server. It’s live in our Android app now, and we’re pushing an update to Apple today. Thanks to… Read More »