Access Private Land Data for the US with a Premium Membership

Premium Members can now reference land ownership for the entire US, with the newly released US Private Land overlay. This new Premium overlay complements the current Public Land overlay and lets users easily view land ownership information and parcel sizes.

Gaia Topo layered with the US Private Land overlay and Public land overlay

US Private Land

The US Private Land overlay includes interactive information allowing users to tap individual parcels for ownership information, similar to the recently released USFS MVUM overlay. Please note that while Android users can also display this overlay, it is not tappable on Android.

Tapping the US Private Land overlay reveals land ownership details

The land boundaries and ownership information available within the overlay match the data published in county plat books.

Benefits of the US Private Land Overlay

Various outdoor enthusiast and professionals ranging from hunters to conservation officers and first responders can easily access information that once required multiple source as a single source with Gaia GPS.


    • Planning to hunt a new area, layer the US Private Land overlay on top of the Mapbox Satellite layer and quickly scout the area and easily view the property lines.
    • Combining the US Private Land, Public Land overlays, and the state specific game management unit overlays will let you focus on the hunt and not worrying about where the big bull or buck you are stalking travels to.

      Gaia Topo layered with the US Private Land, Public land, and Colorado Big Game GMUs overlays

    • Bird hunters will also enjoy the quick access to land ownership data, whether you pursuit pheasants in South Dakota or follow the mallards down the US flyways.

      US Private Land overlay combined with the Mapbox Satellite Imagery base map


    • Downloading offline maps with the US Private Land overlay will benefit game wardens working with land owners in remote areas.
    • Search and rescue personnel can use Gaia GPS as a single source for coordinating search efforts in areas with multiple land owners.
    • Using both the US private land overlay and the area feature, firefighters can use Gaia GPS to complete wildfire incident reports.

      Creating an area with a base map of Gaia Topo and the US Private Land overlay

Perks of a Premium Membership

A Premium Membership lets you access all of the overlays mentioned above and more like US Shaded Relief, Slope, and Features overlays. Also included are premium map sources like the National Geographic Trails Illustrated and NeoTreks Land Use maps.

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