USFS 2016 Map Now Available in Gaia GPS

You can now access an updated version of the United States Forest Service (USFS) National Forests maps, called USFS 2016.

The USFS 2016 map source includes updated roads, road labels, and vegetation shading. We left the existing USFS Raster source, and renamed it USFS Classic, because the Classic source includes some private property boundaries not available in USFS 2016.

Both USFS sources show up in the North America section in the Gaia GPS map source collection, on iOS, Android, and

Updated roads in USFS 2016 vs USFS Classic

Updated roads in USFS 2016 vs USFS Classic

Anyone planning a backpacking, off-road vehicle, hunting, or fishing trip to any of the 154 national forests or 20 national grasslands will benefit from including the new USFS 2016 map source to their gallery of map sources.

The USFS 2016 and USFS Classic map sources only cover national forests and grasslands, but GaiaPro users have the option of layering USFS on top of Gaia Topo or USGS Topo to get a seamless nationwide map.

Layering USFS 2016 over Gaia Topo produces continuous map coverage across the US.

Email with any questions, or request a new map on the Community Forums.