New! Oregon Pacific Crest Trail Maps by NatGeo

Earlier this year, we started processing a new set of National Geographic maps to bring you the entirety of the Pacific Crest Trail in Gaia GPS. We’re excited to announce that we just finished adding all 460 miles of the PCT in Oregon.

The NatGeo Pacific Crest Trail layer shows water sources, prominent landmarks, trail mileages, roads, side-trails, and both official and unofficial campsites within a 10-mile trail corridor of the PCT. It also includes helpful notes from thru-hiker and map maker Lon Cooper (“Halfmile”). Beautifully illustrated and meticulously fact-checked, the NatGeo Pacific Crest Trail map is an example of some of National Geographic’s best cartography. It’s available to all users with a Gaia GPS Premium Membership.

The NatGeo Pacific Crest Trail Layer currently includes all of Washington and Oregon. Keep an eye out for coverage of the trail through California, which we plan to roll out in the coming months.

The NatGeo PCT maps include helpful notes from Halfmile.

About the PCT in Oregon

The 2,650-mile PCT crosses the length of Oregon, passing some of the state’s best scenery. Hike a section here, and you’ll find yourself tracing the spine of the Cascade Range. Stop for sunrise at the famed Crater Lake, walk in the shadow of the glacier-crusted Mount Jefferson, or weave through alpine tarns in the Three Sisters Wilderness.

Oregon holds some of the PCT’s best miles. The NatGeo Pacific Crest Trail layer has everything you need to explore them.

The newest section of the NatGeo PCT map layer includes campsites, trail mileages, and landmarks for all of Oregon.

How to Use the NatGeo PCT Maps

Like the rest of the National Geographic Trails Illustrated series, the NatGeo Pacific Crest Trail layer is available to all Gaia GPS users with a Premium Membership. You’ll find it in the United States category of the map manager. You can access it both on and in the app.

Because it’s so comprehensive, we recommend using this layer as a stand-alone base map. Be sure to download the maps for offline use, as much of the PCT has limited cell service.

A map of the Pacific Crest Trail through Oregon and Washington, as viewed on an iPad in the Gaia GPS app.
An overview of NatGeo PCT coverage currently available in Gaia GPS.