Get Nationwide Canada Coverage With the Improved Canada Topo Map

We’ve just expanded our official topographic coverage of Canada to include the entire nation from coast to coast. Previously, the Canada Topo map layer only included the eastern part of the country. Now, it includes all available digitized quads produced by Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN). The level of detail has also improved, with map tiles hand-selected to include the versions that show the most roads, trails, and manmade structures.

As such, our previous map for Western Canada (Canada Topo West) has been merged into the new layer to give you one seamless base map for whole country.

Topographic map of Canada, viewed on an ipad
The updated Canada Topo map layer, as viewed in the Gaia GPS app.

How to Use the Canada Topo Map Layer

The Canada Topo base map is available to everyone with a Gaia GPS Membership. You can find it under the Canada category of the map manager.

Because Canada Topo includes roads, trails, topo lines, vegetation shading, and labeled terrain features, it works as a versatile, standalone base map. However, Premium Members can supplement the coverage with the Backroad Mapbooks Canada Trails overlay, which color-codes trails by usage and seasonality to help you choose adventure destinations easily at a glance. We also recommend using the Canada Historical Wildfires overlay to avoid being surprised by burn zones on your next trip.