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New HD Maps Available Now

As of today, you can use HD maps in Gaia GPS for OpenLandscapeMap, OpenHikingMap, and OpenCycleMap. These sources work great on retina and high resolution devices. The addition of HD maps answers a common request for the ability to increase text-size on higher resolution displays. How to Add HD Maps To add the new maps,… Read More »

OpenHikingMap, OpenCycleMap, and OpenLandscapeMap in HD

HD versions of OpenHikingMap, OpenCycleMap, and OpenLandscapeMap will go live soon in Gaia GPS for iOS and Android. The just released Gaia GPS for Android v6.3 and Gaia GPS for iOS v10.5 (due out this week) include HD map capabilities, but we need to wait to unlock the capability until after the releases. With HD resolution,… Read More »

The Future of Outdoor Maps

Today, I want to share thoughts on the future of outdoor maps. It’s a good time for it, as map geeks around the world celebrated the 10th birthday of OpenStreetMap this weekend. We strive to create and acquire the best outdoor maps for Gaia GPS. When Gaia GPS started in 2009, the best US map was… Read More »

Canada Topos in French

In addition to the English versions of the NRCan topos, you can now access French language versions of the maps, too. As with other external map sources, add the French topos to the app by going to the main Map Layers menu, and tap the plus (“+”) button. Scroll down a bit, and tap the “Add”… Read More »