Streamline Your Navigation with the Satellite Topo Base Map

Combine the best features of the Gaia Topo base map with ESRI world satellite imagery on a single, easy-to-use layer. Ideal for everything from planning backcountry ski tours to scouting off-trail routes up desert washes, the new Satellite Topo map promises to become Gaia GPS’s most versatile base map yet.

The seamless marriage of satellite imagery and clear contour lines gives backcountry skiers an accurate picture of avalanche slide paths, and lets backpackers and overlanders view tree cover and slope steepness for easier campsite scouting. The combination also illuminates terrain obstacles for both climbers and hikers, making it easier to find descents and reroutes, devise new linkups, and formulate emergency exit strategies on the fly. No matter what you do, the Satellite Topo map will leave you better informed and better prepared.

What is the Satellite Topo Map?

Satellite Topo is a base map designed to combine the popular way-finding features of Gaia Topo with a high-resolution picture of the landscape. To achieve that, Gaia GPS removed the plain background from Gaia Topo. We then replaced it with high-resolution imagery from ESRI, an international supplier of geographical information and satellite photography.

The result is a network of clearly marked roads and trails, labeled terrain features, and distinct contour lines (all sourced from OpenStreetMap data) on a background that perfectly resembles the world around you. Essentially, the combination streamlines your navigational workflow by bringing the map one step closer to your reality.

How to Use it

The Satellite Topo base map is available in two versions: meters and feet. It’s accessible to Premium Members on iOS and Android platforms as well as on To use it, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Layers Menu and navigate to the Satellite Imagery catgory.
  2. Click the plus sign next to the Satellite Topo map in your preferred unit of measurement to turn it on.
  3. Slip the map beneath any of your favorite overlays in place of your existing base map.