View Areas Affected by Past Wildfires in Gaia GPS

US Wildfire Map

The Gaia GPS map catalog now includes historical wildfires in the U.S. from 2000 to 2018. The new interactive premium overlay displays wildfire areas in shades of red on the map, with more recent fires colored brighter shades of red. In the iOS app, you can tap on a fire to see the official name, year and acreage of the fire.

Find and add the new overlay by going to the Premium Maps > Feature/Weather Overlays category of the Layers Menu.

Why use the Wildfire Overlay?

Many backcountry users can make use of the new wildfire overlay.


Don’t be surprised by a recently burned valley when you crest a ridge line on your hunts. Referencing the US Wildfires overlay with Gaia GPS can save you miles and hours of scouting.

Wildfires also create dynamic shifts in habitat quality and forage abundance for big game species. The US Wildfires overlay can also help identify these areas.

US Wildfire Map

Wildland Firefighters

Layer US Wildfires with a Satellite base map to estimate fuel loaded in previously burned areas and identify areas of new growth. You can do this out in the field while working active wildfires by downloading an offline copy of the overlay.

US Wildfire Map

Search and Rescue

The US Wildfires overlay can help identify areas of dense new undergrowth, while coordinating search efforts.

Knowing past major environmental events in an area like wildfires, also act as key planning tools for search and rescue personnel.

US Wildfire Map


Thru-hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and other multi-day trails throughout the U.S. will benefit from using the new overlay.

Be prepared with alternate routes, campsites, and water sources before hiking trail sections that have been affected by past wildfires.

US Wildfire Map

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