Seek Out the Wild with the New Wilderness Areas Map Overlay

In the U.S., a wilderness area is officially defined as a place “retaining its primeval character and influence,” a place “untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain.” As such, wilderness areas are the gold standard for conservation, preservation, and experiencing nature in its rawest form.

But in the developed American landscape, true wilderness can be hard to find. That’s why Gaia GPS created the new Wilderness Areas Map Overlay. Now, getting your next dose of deep-woods solitude is a whole lot easier.

Why Find Wilderness?

Research has proven time and time again that nature is good for human health. But not all nature is created equal. In fact, some newer studies suggest that the deeper you go, the stronger the effect of nature on stress reduction. That means that out of every land management type, wilderness is the most effective medicine.

Plus, wilderness areas come with their own rules and restrictions, so whether you’re looking for guaranteed primitive experience or just trying to make sure you’re using a drone, 4×4 vehicle, or snowmobile legally, it’s a good idea to know where the boundaries are. With the Wilderness Areas Overlay, you can pinpoint those spots with ease.

How to Use the Wilderness Areas Overlay

The Wilderness Areas map overlay is currently available to Premium Members on Android and iOS platforms, as well as on Go to the Feature/Weather Overlay category of the map manager, and add the Wilderness Areas Overlay atop any of your favorite base maps. We recommend using the layer in conjunction with the Roadless Areas Overlay to find even deeper solitude, or adding the Snowfall Forecast or Precipitation Forecast Overlays to help you plan your trip.

In iOS, the layer is interactive. Tap on any wilderness to view the area’s land manager, acreage, and the year it was established, or to discover the best hikes within that zone

All boundary, land area, and land management information is sourced from the nationwide database of, a public information hub dedicated to United States wilderness areas.