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Public gallery for GaiaCloud

Today we pushed a first look at the Gallery page for GaiaCloud. Herein you can see tracks other Gaia GPS users have made public. There are a lot of beautiful trips recorded, complete with photos, graphs, and maps. You can make your tracks show up in the Gallery too. Visit, and there is an… Read More »

New Map Sources Added to GaiaCloud Site

Anting, our new summer intern, has been very busy lately sprucing up the GaiaCloud website.  Anting added new map layers to the GaiaCloud preview screen so you can now view your tracks and waypoints on Mapbox OpenStreetMap, Mapbox Satellite, OpenCycleMap, and USGS Topo maps! GaiaCloud’s log out was also a bit unreliable before, and now… Read More »

A Few GaiaCloud Updates

We made a few more changes to the GaiaCloud website today. We’ll keep rolling out these small improvements as they come, rather than have big launches: Twitter/Facebook links show on public track pages photos thumbnails in map popups show full screen when clicked added #gaiagps to Twitter posts tracks you share now have an option… Read More »