U.S. Forest Service Motor Vehicle Use Maps Now Available

Find Forest Service roads and trails to drive with the new motor vehicle use maps (MVUM) layer, a Premium Member overlay available in Gaia GPS version 1.1 for iOS.

Now you can route motorized treks in advance and navigate your way through U.S. National Forests from directly within the app. If you’re not familiar with MVUMs, consider using them using them for off-roading, finding primitive camping areas, and other adventures.

Identifying Forest Service Roads

To activate the layer, look for the Premium Maps category in the Edit maps menu, and choose Overlays. Use the overlay within areas representing U.S. National Forests.

Green lines indicate roads and trails that are open to motor vehicles year-round, yellow lines indicate use with restrictions and red indicates no motorized vehicle use.

Motor Vehicle Use Maps

Legend for Motor Vehicle Use Maps

Motor Vehicle Use Maps – An Interactive Layer

Motor Vehicle Use Maps

Motor Vehicle Use Maps layered with Gaia Topo

The overlay draws upon a new vector-based U.S. Forest Service dataset. The features within it are interactive. If you’re on iOS, just tap a road on the map to pull up information on use restrictions and access dates.

You can use a non-interactive version of the overlay on the web, on Android, and in Gaia GPS Classic. Consider layering the MVUMs with a USFS map source or Gaia Topo to see more Forest Service roads and additional context.

Click here for a free 7-day Premium Membership to access the MVUM overlay.

Help Us Improve the App

We’ve fielded many requests for motor vehicle use maps. Now that the overlay’s here, let us know what you think. You can post your thoughts on the MVUMs and other features you’d like to see to the Gaia GPS Community Forum, or email support@gaiagps.com with questions.