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How to Read a Topo Map

Topo maps use concentric “contour lines” to show elevation changes, and help people navigate mountains and wilderness areas. The denser the contour lines appear, the steeper the terrain. Topographic maps also tend to show a wealth of natural information, like markings for trails, springs, forests, and swamps, though they tend to include roads as well.… Read More »

Use Gaia GPS in Airplane Mode in iOS 8.3+

In the latest versions of iOS (8.3+), Apple will now allow GPS to function in Airplane Mode. This means you can save battery life in Gaia GPS, by turning on Airplane Mode on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Note that Gaia GPS also provides an internal “Offline Mode,” which you may prefer. Offline Mode saves less battery,… Read More »

How to Plan a Backpacking Trip

I think the first step to planning a trip is figuring out what trail to use, then download a data file for that trail, then do the rest. Using a data file, it becomes really easy to plan a trip. Overall, my method is: Find a Trail (and Download the Trail Data) Plan the Drive… Read More »