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About Ashli Baldwin

Ashli manages the Gaia GPS communications team. In 2014 she thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. Ashli writes about her adventures on her blog

Gaia GPS iOS v10.4: Polygons, 3D-Touch, Auto-Naming, Much More

Download the new version of Gaia GPS v10.4 for iOS today. The release includes new features, UI refinements, and bug fixes – every user should benefit from this one. iOS Version 10.4 Updates, Features, and Fixes Map Source Menu and Main iPhone Menu Updated Map Source Menu – Includes updated categories, descriptive icons, and more information… Read More »

Better Food to Enhance Your Next Backpacking Trip

Frequent hikers and backpackers know how to cook dehydrated meals, but they can get boring pretty quickly. These 5 delicious treats can launch your backcountry cooking game into the next dimension. Cheese Surprisingly, cheese doesn’t always have to stay at home when you hit the trail. It lasts up to 5 days in your pack… Read More »

Annual ALDHA Gathering 2015

This weekend, Ashli and Ruthie ventured out to the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association’s (ALDHA) 34th annual event “The Gathering” in Shippensburg, PA. Each year, the event hosts interesting workshops, forums, keynote speakers, and ends with an ALDHA sponsored work trip on the AT.   Preserving the Trail after “A Walk in the Woods” This… Read More »

New Appalachian Trail Unsupported Record

Yesterday, Heather “Anish” Anderson completed her southbound hike of the Appalachian Trail, and set the unsupported speed record. The trail spans 2,189 miles, which Anderson covered in 54 days, 7 hours and 48 minutes, averaging 42 miles per day. Anderson is currently the PCT unsupported record holder as well, and is the first person to ever hold both… Read More »

Welcome Aileen Gardner – Adventure Support

We’re delighted to welcome Aileen Gardner to the Gaia GPS team. She’s been training with us the last two weeks as the newest member of our Adventure Support team, and she’s already jumped in with thoughtful editing and other contributions to writing and marketing.​ Aileen adds another smart and outdoor-focused person to the Gaia GPS… Read More »

Gaia GPS User Poll Results

We conducted a poll to find out how people use Gaia GPS in last week’s newsletter.​ We have never done this before, so we found the results both interesting and eye-opening. We expected people to be more heavily hiking/backpacking oriented, but instead we found a very diverse crop of hikers, off-roaders, hunters, firefighters, search and… Read More »

Modern Gear with Modern Prices

A new crop of companies has popped up to beat back the trend of high-priced hiking gear. ​ According to Outside Magazine, people born in the 80s and 90s (millennials) don’t want the same characteristics in their hiking gear. Traditional outdoor gear has focused on the high-end and high-tech, giving even weekend warriors the same gear… Read More »