Gaia GPS iOS v10.4: Polygons, 3D-Touch, Auto-Naming, Much More

Download the new version of Gaia GPS v10.4 for iOS today. The release includes new features, UI refinements, and bug fixes – every user should benefit from this one.

iOS Version 10.4 Updates, Features, and Fixes

Gaia GPS v10.4

Polygons in v10.4

Map Source Menu and Main iPhone Menu

  • Updated Map Source Menu – Includes updated categories, descriptive icons, and more information to help you find the perfect map for your next adventure.
  • Improved Map Source Details – Shows a source description, as well as a demo map, zoom range, description, and attribution.
  • New Map Source Management Tools – Remove default layers, and view/add/remove sources you imported via the “more layers” screen.
  • Enhanced iPhone Main Menu – The main menu has been re-imagined with a grid-view that better emphasizes important choices, and makes navigating with 1-hand simple and easy.

Auto-Naming, 3D Touch, Duplicate Tracks, Better Translations

  • Auto-naming – No more “My Track” and “My Photo” default names—tracks, routes, waypoints, maps, and photos receive automatically generated names based on location, unless you manually add names.
  • 3D-Touch Support – Gaia utilizes a new iOS feature available for iPhone 6S—3-D Touch for peek and pop actions over map source icons.
  • Track Duplication – Duplicate your tracks before editing to avoid accidental loss of data.
  • Improved Language Support – We added and updated translations for the Gaia GPS app and App Store description in 15 languages.

New GaiaPro Features

  • Polygons – One of the longest-running, most requested features in our Idea Forum, polygons allow you to create areas, measure area and perimeters, download maps based on areas, and import areas from KML.
  • New Elevation Capabilities – Replace elevation data on a track with data from a digital elevation model. Most useful for imported tracks, and tracks with bad elevation data due to poor GPS reception.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Photo Waypoint Export – Photos will now export more successfully with improved file names.
  • Add Photo to Existing Waypoint – Now adds properly rather than creating a new waypoint
  • Guide Me Stats – New layout.
  • More Stability – We expect this update to cut the already low amount of crashes in half.

For more information about the v10.4 and other app releases, visit our updates page.

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