Expanded coverage for elevation lookups

The Gaia GPS elevation lookup service, which is used when marking waypoints, and when planning routes, now includes worldwide coverage, going from 80°S to 80°N. The elevation data previously included some gaps, which could result in incorrect results in some areas, these gaps have now been corrected.

Map of elevation coverage
These updates were made possible by Nasa’s recent release of 1 Arc second SRTM digital elevation models, and by the addition of ASTER GDEM elevation models to cover the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Test it out now at gaiagps.com.

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About Jesse Crocker

Jesse combines an equal love of the outdoors, snow, and computers. He developed large swaths of both the Gaia GPS apps, map servers, and infrastructure, and is a partner in the business. Jesse owns and operates an organic farm in Montana, where he lives with his family. He spends as much time as possible hiking and backcountry skiing. He has thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, and speed-skied the John Muir Trail. Prior to joining Gaia GPS, Jesse worked as a ski patroller in the sierras, doing avalanche control. He also developed software and data to help conserve buffalo.