OpenHikingMap, OpenCycleMap, and OpenLandscapeMap in HD

HD versions of OpenHikingMap, OpenCycleMap, and OpenLandscapeMap will go live soon in Gaia GPS for iOS and Android. The just released Gaia GPS for Android v6.3 and Gaia GPS for iOS v10.5 (due out this week) include HD map capabilities, but we need to wait to unlock the capability until after the releases.

With HD resolution, text and symbols on the maps appear larger and crisper on retina devices.

When is Soon?

Once most users have made the update in both iOS and Android, we’ll unleash the HD maps, and make an announcement. Expect the sources to be available next week, and follow @gaiagps on Twitter for updates.

Many More Maps to Come

Over the course of the summer, we’ll roll out a bunch of new and improved map sources. Besides HD maps, we also recently added Spain IGN Topos (check out the blog post here). We now have other international topos in the queue too, along with an update for Gaia Vector Topo.

If you have ideas for maps for Gaia GPS, have a look at this map idea megathread on Many users participated in this Idea Forum thread about size improvements to the OpenStreetMap-based sources, and the Idea Forum has a big impact on Gaia GPS product roadmap.

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