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About Ruthie Irvin

Ruthie works on the communications team at Gaia GPS. She loves exploring the outdoors and camping with her husband and daughter.

France IGN topo maps return to Gaia GPS

If you plan to backpack in France, Gaia GPS now has another great topo map source for you—France IGN topo maps. Similar to USGS topos, these beautiful, accurate, hand-drawn maps come from a government agency charged with the task. GaiaPro Exclusive—Because France Needs Your Support You’ll need a GaiaPro subscription to access the France IGN topo,… Read More »

Gaia GPS Support Localization for 8 Languages and Growing

We translated Gaia GPS to an increasing amount of languages over the years, including the iOS app, the Android app, and even the App Store descriptions and screenshots. The Gaia GPS Help Center can be read in eight languages now, including German, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Dutch. If you are bilingual, we’d… Read More »

Gaia GPS for iOS v10.4.5

We released v10.4.5 of Gaia GPS for iOS today, which incorporates a new feature, and fixes bugs users have reported. You can see the release notes here, and in the app. As of this update, if you take a picture (while not recording a track), Gaia GPS will display the details for the photo waypoint,… Read More »

Gaia GPS for Android update – v6.0.3

You can download the new release of Gaia GPS Android (v6.03) from the Google play store, or update your device. Most noticeably, we fixed the lagging display of waypoints/POIs when panning the map. Check out the release notes here for full details, and you can also view release notes in the app. Send us your comments and bug reports… Read More »

Gaia GPS Update v10.3 for iOS

We rolled out an update for Gaia GPS iOS (view on App Store) (v10.3 release notes). This release makes a significant change, under the hood, to how the map works. This should improve performance and stability of the app, especially for users on older devices. If you notice any issues, send us your Activity Logs from Gaia… Read More »