Introducing Luxembourg Maps in Gaia GPS

Six new Luxembourg maps, now available for all Gaia GPS users. Sourced from the official Luxembourg Geoportal, these maps include a current topographic layer, satellite (aerial) photos, a land parcel layer, and three historic topographic layers.

You can find each new Luxembourg map layer in the app in the More Layers menu, under the International sources category. Use the following instructions to add them:

Add map sources in Gaia for iOS
Add map sources in Gaia for Android

Luxembourg Topo Layers
Compare the current Luxembourg Topo layer to historic topos from 1907, 1927, and 1964. Screenshots below show the current Luxembourg Topo (left) compared to an historic 1907 topo layer (right).


Luxembourg Aerial 2013 and Luxembourg Land Parcels
You can also use Gaia GPS to access satellite photo images of Luxembourg (left) and Luxembourg Land Parcels (right). For more information on finding land parcels, visit the Luxembourg Geoportal.

We want to provide the best, most up-to-date maps available, and constantly search for ways to improve the Gaia sources list. Add your requests for additional map sources to our Community Forum.

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