France IGN topo maps return to Gaia GPS

If you plan to backpack in France, Gaia GPS now has another great topo map source for you—France IGN topo maps. Similar to USGS topos, these beautiful, accurate, hand-drawn maps come from a government agency charged with the task.

GaiaPro Exclusive—Because France Needs Your Support

You’ll need a GaiaPro subscription to access the France IGN topo, because unlike the Luxembourg and Spain sources we recently added for all users, we have to pay IGN France a metered fee to use these maps.

Thanks in advance for using discretion when downloading the source, because a single user could incur serious charges.

How to Add France IGN Topo

To add the France IGN Topo, check out the Add Map Sources articles (iOS/Android).

To access the source on, run a sync with from your device after adding IGN France in app.

IMG_7751 IMG_7753

France IGN Topos Return

Some users might remember that Gaia GPS previously included France IGN Topos, but recently licensing requirements interrupted access.

After that, many people inquired about the France IGN Topo source, so we hired a French-speaking liaison to help us license the maps for use in Gaia GPS.

The Best Outdoor Map Collection

Especially in the last month, Gaia GPS has expanded to include more great maps for the outdoors:

We always look out for new sources to make this the best outdoor map collection, so let us know what’s missing. Take a minute to add your ideas for other sources to the Gaia GPS Community Forum.

If you have any other questions or feedback, reach out to us at (1)