Call for Android Beta Testers

Gaia GPS for Android needs more eyes, and more device types, testing new releases.

Become a beta tester today to help improve the quality of app releases, and set the direction for development.

Android—Off to the Races

If you use Gaia GPS for Android, you likely noticed a flurry of releases over the last couple of months, and you can see the release notes recapped on Expect several more updates over the course of the summer, including big new features, maps, and a variety of rough edges shaved off the app.

This quickened pace makes beta testing more important… and other QA activities too. For example, Jason recently added a suite of “unit tests” that help catch more bugs in an automated way.

Gaia Recommended layers category Android

The recent Android releases totally overhauled the Map Sources menu.

Time Commitment for Beta Testers—Little or Lots, Your Choice

You can put just a little time into beta testing and serve the Gaia GPS Android community in a big way.

Simply loading betas and letting logs get pushed to the Gaia dev team helps a lot. And you can make an even larger impact by commenting on releases, and giving feedback and ideas about new features.

How to Join

Follow these instructions to join the program and learn how to give feedback, and send a note to with any questions.