Welcome Ashli Baldwin

We’ve been remiss in introducing everyone over the years, so we’re doing short profiles on the folks at Gaia GPS. We introduced Aileen Gardner last week, and going chronologically backwards in time, we’re featuring Ashli Baldwin today.​

Ashli brings serious outdoor cred to the Gaia team, having recently thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. She spends her weekends outdoors and weekdays with Gaia GPS. Ashli joined the Gaia GPS Adventure Support team about 6 months ago, and her work spans user support, Gaia GPS documentation, marketing, and much more.

Ashli also has her own outdoor blog, Tentside, and she also writes articles for the popular Appalachian Trail blog Appalachian Trials. She has a degree in music from York College of Pennsylvania, and is an avid musician and expert flautist.

Ashli Baldwin - Gaia GPS Adventure Support