Explore the Wild

Gaia GPS gives you the best offline maps and best offline GPS tools to connect with the wild world.

Gaia syncs up all of your iPhone, Android, iPad, and desktop devices, for planning, and out on the trail.

The Best Maps

Gaia GPS has a dazzling array of topo maps, satellite imagery, and specialized maps that cover the wild reaches of the world.

Whether you want iPhone topo maps, iPad topo maps, or Android topo maps, Gaia GPS gives you international coverage.


GaiaCloud syncs your data seamlessly, and lets you share links with friends and colleagues at cloud.gaiagps.com.

Gaia is a powerful platform, whether you want an offline GPS for iPhone or iPad, an offline GPS for Android, or to share and edit data from your computer.

Go Pro

With layered map tech, premium maps, weather forecasts, and more, you unlock the full potential of Gaia GPS. You’ll never get rained out for hiking trails and mountain bike trails again, and the integrated public land data is is almost as helpful for hunting as a weapon.


Gaia GPS was originally designed for backpacking and hiking in the California Sierra mountains. There is no better app for hiking and backpacking than Gaia GPS.

Gaia GPS is developed by a combination of long distance and casual hikers, who also happen to like making software a lot.


Gaia GPS developed a cult following among the 4x4 community. It has been widely acclaimed by users on ExpeditionPortal.com and FJCruisersforum.com.

On an iPad or Android tablet, Gaia’s maps and instrument displays easily trump Lowrance and other legacy hardware.


Gaia GPS has been recently honed for hunting - one of our developers is an avid Montana hunter.

Using GaiaPro, hunters can overlay public lands, Wildlife Management Areas, Game Units, and other useful data for hunting. Check out all of the hunting layers on our online map.


Gaia GPS provides a powerful geocaching solution, which allows you to view geocache data, download maps for offline use, and get guidance to cache locations.

Use Gaia GPS in tandem with the official Geocaching app for the best offline mapping and tracking experience.

Research & GIS

Academics, scientists, rangers, firefighters and others use Gaia GPS to gather data off the grid.

People have reported doing all of this with Gaia: tracking wolves, tree surveys, Mongolian archaeology, land surveys, birding, and more. Gaia GPS is used extensively in search & rescue, woodland firefighting, aerial firefighting, and law enforcement.


For boating, we built a specialized boating app called Skipper, which includes all the power of our mapping platform, along with NOAA charts, ActiveCaptain, and weather data that you will want for sailing the coastal US and inland rivers.


We have often used Gaia GPS for backcountry snow adventures, and Gaia GPS has some special capabilities for cold environments, such as a lock screen that shows stats quickly in case you are wearing heavy gloves. We also have tuned and tested the GPS recording against ski trips.


Gaia GPS is an ideal app for snowmobiling, and many people mount a phone or small tablet to their sled to use Gaia GPS for mapping and GPS tracking. Sledders often venture deep into the woods on the power of a snowmobile, requiring the offline mapping capabilities of Gaia GPS.


Gaia GPS is also used by international travelers, who need offline maps for both cities and outdoor adventures. Gaia GPS has a great range of international topo maps, road maps, and satellite imagery that can be used offline.

Travelers also use Gaia GPS to chronicle their adventures with photos and GPS tracks.