How to Read a Topo Map

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Topo maps use concentric “contour lines” to show elevation changes, and help people navigate mountains and wilderness areas. The denser the contour lines appear, the steeper the terrain. Topographic maps also tend to show a wealth of natural information, like markings for trails, springs, forests, and swamps, though they tend to include roads as well. […]

Appalachian Trail Trip Report

Gorgeous, hand-crafted wooden mid-point sign on the trail

I had a chance to log some miles with Ashli on the Appalachian Trail a few weeks ago after we attended the ALDHA annual gathering in Shippensburg, PA. I thought it would be useful to talk about how we used Gaia GPS to plan and navigate, and I can’t help but also recount a few […]

Gaia GPS for iOS v10.3.2

Gaia 10.3.2 for iOS improves compatibility with iOS 9, drops iOS6, and fixes a few bugs. Check out the release notes here, also included in the app when you get the update. On, you can always check out release notes for the Gaia GPS for iOS, and Gaia GPS for Android. You might notice that […]

Gaia Team Profile: Ruthie Irvin

Ruthie Irvin joined the Gaia GPS Adventure Support team in August of 2014, though she did some contract work for the company in 2011. As senior Adventure Support team member, Ruthie wears many hats around here. On top of familiarizing users with the app, she helps onboard new team members, writes blog posts, and leads […]

Instagram Contests and Gaia GPS Off-Trail Stories

Trip of the Day on the Gaia GPS Instagram page

Last week, we asked users to talk about their off-trail experiences on this Instagram thread, and to make a contest of it, we offered a free year of GaiaPro to the story we liked best. We found it hard to pick a winner, and decided to surprise all of our responders with a free subscription. […]

Annual ALDHA Gathering 2015

This weekend, Ashli and Ruthie ventured out to the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association’s (ALDHA) 34th annual event “The Gathering” in Shippensburg, PA. Each year, the event hosts interesting workshops, forums, keynote speakers, and ends with an ALDHA sponsored work trip on the AT.   Preserving the Trail after “A Walk in the Woods” This […]

Off the Trail with Gaia GPS

The trail-less wilderness of Denali sprawls over an area equal to the state of Massachusetts. Its taigas and tundras rise up into North America’s tallest peak. In this most wild of places, only one road wends its way through the park, and trails have no place. Last week, I noticed a picture of Denali on […]