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  • National Geographic maps of the Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail are now available in Gaia GPS.

    The NatGeo Pacific Crest Trail layer shows water sources, prominent landmarks, trail mileages, roads, side-trails, and both official and unofficial campsites within a 10-mile trail corridor of the PCT.

  • We’ve just expanded our official topographic coverage of Canada to include the entire nation from coast to coast. Previously, the Canada Topo map layer only included the eastern part of the country. Now, it includes all available digitized quads produced by Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN). The level of detail has also improved, with map tiles hand-selected to include the versions that show the most roads, trails, and manmade structures.

  • Plan hikes and runs—and estimate just how good the views are going to be—with the new EPA Air Quality forecast maps in Gaia GPS. You can view current estimated levels of pollutants with the Air Quality (Current) overlay, or take a look at upcoming levels with the Air Quality (Tomorrow) overlay.

  • Summit all 58 Colorado 14ers with just one app and one map. Now, you can get accurate, comprehensive National Geographic route information for all Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks in Gaia GPS. The map includes trail mileages, elevation gain, technical climbing ratings, parking information for both 2WD and 4WD vehicles, points of reference, and detailed route notes.

  • The morel is perhaps one of the most prized quarries of American mushroom hunters. Its distinctive look, rich meaty flavor, and reputation for elusiveness all make for an intoxicating chase. Consequently, the locations of morel jackpots are often closely guarded secrets.

    To find your own secret spots, you’ll need these six map layers.

  • We’ve just wrapped up a flurry of hiring at Gaia GPS, the biggest and fastest expansion the company has ever seen. We’re delighted to introduce you to six new Gaia GPS team members, all focused on making the software and maps better.

  • New! Colorado Fishing and River Maps

    by Corey Buhay
    by Corey Buhay

    NatGeo Colorado Fishing + Rivers contains complete coverage of all the wild banks, backcountry access spots, and adjacent lakes and ponds for the Roaring Fork, South Platte, and Blue Rivers. It also covers large sections of the Arkansas, Colorado, and Frying Pan Rivers.

  • We’ve updated both the MVUM and USFS Roads and Trails Map. Updates include more intuitive symbology, and better compatibility with USFS-provided paper maps and PDFs. Routes are now color-coded to distinguish snow- and water-only routes from maintained trails, and we’ve added some all-new trails to the MVUM map, as well.