New Gaia GPS Android beta out today

We pushed a new update to the Gaia GPS Android beta today, which notably brings GaiaCloud to Android, along with a bunch of other improvements.

The Gaia Android beta is available on the Google Play store, for anyone who wants to preview features and be part of the beta test group. If you are using the regular version of Gaia GPS, you’ll get all the beta updates when they are ready for prime time. You can read about the Open Beta for Gaia GPS Android on our blog.

What’s New Version 0.4

  • add additional map sources in Map Layers menu
  • sync with GaiaCloud, syncs do not happen automatically, but must be initiated from settings
  • fix menus on Android 2.x
  • add map sources with gaigps:// urls
  • various minor bug fixes

Previous, Versions 0.1 – 0.4

  • view and download maps
  • topo, aerial, and road maps
  • record tracks
  • view track stats
  • locate yourself on the map
  • import GPX

COMING NEXT: waypoint marking, POI search, track graphs