Cloud website improvements

We pushed a few improvements to the Cloud website, focusing on the layout and UI of the gallery page. We actually have two cloud websites now – here is the gallery page for Gaia GPS, and here is the gallery page for Skipper.

This set of changes tightens up the layout of the page, and gets rid of a lot of extraneous white space. We also tweaked the colors a bit to make contrast better for reading. In general, we have a lot more we want to do with this page, but we generally like to make improvements incrementally.

I actually don’t touch the server programming much myself, and I focus on the app side, so I was interested to hear that we can deploy changes to both cloud servers with no additional overhead at all. Which is a relief since we have a third one running for a different app in beta!

Also of note, the Skipper Cloud now uses nautical charts for the main base map.