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Gaia GPS for Android Update

We had another furious week of work, and we ended it by pushing a new update for Gaia GPS for Android (5.3.3). The version is available now and has several improvements related to routing and downloading maps. better controls on Downloads screen (long press items for options) tap near active route to change what route… Read More »

Gaia GPS for Android, 5.3 – make routes and measure distance

The new release of Gaia GPS for Android is packed with new features, but the most important addition is probably a tool that lets you measure distance and create multipoint routes. We have been thinking about this route-maker for literally years, and we have implemented similar features in our iOS app. This rendition is how we… Read More »

New Android beta for Gaia GPS

We pushed an updated Android beta to the Play Store today, which anyone can download. This version displays tracks really quickly, you can delete added map sources, and many other improvements (see release notes on the Play Store). If you are interested when we plan to replace the main version of Gaia GPS, you can get… Read More »

updated Gaia GPS Android beta

We shipped a little update to the Android beta again today. This version stubs out the Details screen for tracks/waypoints/maps (most buttons don’t work), and implements a Delete option for everything, and a “Resume Download” option for maps. We decided the Details screen was a prerequisite for adding waypoint-marking to the app, so that’s why… Read More »