Folders and Timeline for Android has arrived

After years of discussion and months of work, we’re delighted to bring Folders to Gaia GPS for Android. Folders allow you to group your tracks, photos, other data in the ways that makes sense for you. We also added a new Timeline view to the app.


With the release of Gaia GPS version 6.0 for Android, you can now organize, share, import, and work with your data more easily. Find information about managing your folders on our Knowledge Base.

get organized – you can have folders like “Rocky Mountain Maps” or “Difficult Hikes” – group your data however you prefer, toggle visibility for collections, and share sets of data with others

easily access imports – Gaia automatically groups imported files into folders to keep your data together

keep less data on your phone – delete folders from your devices, and restore them on when you want them again

folders blog pic 1


With the timeline, you can view all of your data on one screen, grouped by age.

folders blog pic 2