Gaia GPS for Android Version 6.5

In a continued push to increase development on Gaia GPS for Android, version 6.5 boasts a big list of updates. This includes the addition of the NAD-27 datum—a highly requested feature, especially with Emergency Response professionals. You can now toggle between NAD27 and WGS84 directly from the settings menu.

Other important updates include:

    • Multi-layered downloads now create a single download, instead of a separate download for each layer
    • Resuming or deleting a layered download effects all layers concurrently
    • Selecting “Show on map” for a layered download restores the settings from the time of download (ordering and opacity)
  • Improvements to the compass
  • More responsive map arrow and course-up mode when rotating
  • Substantially faster track and route “guide me” features

For a full list of updates and bug fixes, go to