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USGS Geological Map in Gaia GPS

We’ve added a new USGS Geological Map of the contiguous United States made with USGS data, which several researchers who use Gaia GPS have requested. You can add the map source to Gaia GPS through this link, or by tapping on the plus button in the Gaia GPS layers menu. You can also view a legend for… Read More »

New Map Sources Added to GaiaCloud Site

Anting, our new summer intern, has been very busy lately sprucing up the GaiaCloud website.  Anting added new map layers to the GaiaCloud preview screen so you can now view your tracks and waypoints on Mapbox OpenStreetMap, Mapbox Satellite, OpenCycleMap, and USGS Topo maps! GaiaCloud’s log out was also a bit unreliable before, and now… Read More »

New MapBox OSM Layer for Gaia Green Subscribers!

We’ve just added a new OSM map source from MapBox, which uses up-to-date OpenStreetMap data displayed with a custom, elegant design from MapBox.  This OSM source will typically update data within ten minutes of OSM data updates!  You can read more about this source here: MapBox OSM is only available to Gaia Green subscribers due… Read More »

Inspiring Students from New Zealand Kayak 100km in Kayaks Made of Plastic Bottles

I was reading the great site The Adventure Blog today when I came across a post about twenty-five students from New Zealand that paddled 100 km in kayaks made of plastic bottles!  They went on this expedition to spread awareness of single use plastic and its impact on the Earth’s environment.  It’s a great cause and I for… Read More »