New Map Layer from the USGS: The National Map

Great news Gaia users!  We’ve added another map source today from the USGS.  It’s their new National Map source.  Check it out by going to the layer button on the main map screen and then tapping on “Add more layers”.  You’ll find it under the US Topo category labeled as the “USGS National Map”.  Let us know what you think of this new USGS source and have fun exploring this weekend.

USGS National Map in Gaia GPS

USGS National Map


2 thoughts on “New Map Layer from the USGS: The National Map

  1. Bryan Bowers

    Thanks for adding this feature! I’m going out in a few weeks and can’t wait to give it a spin. Was using the old USGS maps before and found them to be a little lacking.

  2. Savannah Post author

    Hi Bryan,

    Yes, certain regions in the US haven’t been updated in the old style of USGS topos in quite awhile. Glad this new source could help you out!

    Have fun exploring!

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