Brand New Updated Android App Launches Today!

The long-anticipated update for our Android app is now available on Google Play! We’re delighted to send this update for free to all existing users. We’re also going to keep the price of the Android app at $9.99 for the time being, but in the future it will be priced the same as the iOS app ($19.99).

Earlier this year we began rewriting Gaia GPS for Android from the ground up, in house. Our core developers have been working on this release for six months, and we are very excited to show off the new app. Gaia GPS 5.0 offers all the features of the previous Android release, and much more. It is also faster, more reliable, and more usable in almost every respect. And we have much more to come before spring!

Fast and Interactive Maps

  •  • unbeatable speed and responsiveness of maps, using OpenGL hardware acceleration
  •  • display all of your tracks and waypoints on the map at once, in rainbow colors, just like Gaia for iOS
  •  • vast selection of maps for offline use, including USGS Topos and Aerial Imagery, Worldwide topo and road maps based on OpenStreetMap, and US Forest Service Maps


  •  • sync your data seamlessly across all of your devices that run Gaia GPS, from Android, to iOS, to
  •  • share tracks with anyone by sending a short link via email, Facebook, Twitter, and more
  •  • keep your data backed up so you don’t lose your adventures when you lose your phone

Tracks and Waypoints, Import/Export

  •   • record and display tracks and waypoints
  •   • tap tracks and waypoints on the map to get info
  •   • see live stats and graphs about your trip, in a configurable trip computer
  •   • overlay mini-stat displays on the map
  •   • import GPX files from anywhere (email, web, Dropbox, etc.).
  •   • export GPX, KML, and CSV


  •  • view the map in north or heads-up mode
  •  • view progress of map downloads and other network activity
  •  • display detailed information about the status of your GPS signal
  •  • display TrailBehind places on the map, and get info and relevant webpages about remote places
  •  • search the map for places, addresses, and coordinates
  •  • use five different types of coordinates – UTM, MGRS, DDM, DMS, and Decimal
  •  • use metric/imperial and regular/nautical units

4 thoughts on “Brand New Updated Android App Launches Today!

  1. james palermo

    lOved the app. Now that I’ve had to switch to a Razr HD, I find that the app no longer works…. Bad news; especially with it now able to use nautical charts. (I’ve been waiting ages for that).

    Please make it work!!!! I paid, it should work.

  2. Walter Wilson

    I purchased this long ago, had uninstalled it, but it appears I would have to repurchase to install it again. Got your email about version 5 as a free upgrade since I already owned it. Please help me get this reinstalled so I can try version 5.

  3. Andrew

    I had followed up by email, but I wanted to let people know that we’re sorry for the issue with the Razr MAXX.

    We don’t have a quick solution to make the 5.0 app work on Razr MAXX, but you can email if you want a copy of the old version.

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