Interesting Recent Blog Entries by Gaia GPS Users

Two recent blog posts by Gaia GPS users caught our eyes this week.  Both posts feature cool photos from their recent hikes.

The first user from the blog “Inverted Sky: Notes from the Wilderness” explored Forsythe Canyon in Colorado, and posted great photos like this one :

Gaia GPS users Bobby and Maura are preparing for a long trek through County Kerry in Ireland in their recent blog post, “37 Miles in 3 Days”. Their hike in Minnesota included lots of slushy spring snow and gorgeous views off of converted railway bridges:

Thanks for the Gaia GPS shout outs and keep up the good blogging!


4 thoughts on “Interesting Recent Blog Entries by Gaia GPS Users

  1. Bryan Bowers

    Perhaps you could consider having a user submitted photo contest or section on your website? I used your app two weeks ago section hiking part of the PCT in Big Bear and have some nice shots.

  2. Andrew

    We hadn’t thought of having a contest, but you can now share photos via We are also working on a page for the website to feature some shared photos and tracks. When you share photo or track now, there is a checkbox to show it in the gallery page, and the ones people choose will start showing up there when its ready.

  3. Bobby

    Thanks for mentioning our blog! We’re 3 days in to our hike around the Kerry Peninsula and your app has been indespencible. Our guidebook and maps are pretty much useless against Gaia!

  4. Savannah Post author

    Hi Bobby! Good to hear from you. I hope you are enjoying your trip. I’m glad to hear that Gaia has been helping you out as you explore Kerry. I’m really enjoying the blog posts from Ireland, it looks beautiful there!

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