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  • If you enjoy both the excitement of biking and the solitude of backcountry camping, bikepacking offers a thrilling way to explore wild places. In this guide, learn nearly everything you need to to get started – including the best bike options, how to pack your gear, and how to plan and navigate routes. Plus, get tips for preparing your body and bike for that first adventure.

  • Public tracks are now visible in the app! Gaia GPS users have amassed almost two million recorded routes all over the world, and now you can access them in the field using your iOS or Android devices. Discover new routes and plan trips with information from people who made the journey before you, and save public tracks directly to your account so you can follow them offline.

  • Whether you cherish carving the perfect line, hiking up to breathtaking views, or overlanding through enchanting desert planes, we are united in our love of the world around us. Join us and our friends over at Protect Our Winters in getting outside to protect the places we love to play. It’s easy: record a track of your adventure, and you can win a free Premium membership, among many other cool prizes.

  • Dreaming up summer hiking and backpacking adventures? You can start getting ready for them right now, right from home. This week on Out and Back, personal trainer and founder of Backcountry Fitness Billy Gawron shares how you can get strong, fit, and mentally prepared to hit the backcountry. Minimal space, equipment, and time required.

  • The Best Maps for Overlanding

    by Chris Kracht
    by Chris Kracht

    Take your adventures off-road with the best maps for overlanding. This list includes favorites like USFS Roads and Trails and Motor Vehicle Use Maps, plus a few bonus maps you might not know about. Discover new trails, go further off the grid, and be prepared for what’s ahead with these key map sources.

  • Have you ever grabbed your backpack and rushed out the door only to find out at the trailhead that you forgot to download digital maps to your phone? Learn more here about how you can download your entire state’s topo map in a matter of minutes. Never forget a map again with the easy to read, tiny to download, Gaia Topo.

  • With eight Everest summits to his name — including one without supplemental oxygen — alpinist Adrian Ballinger is a giant in the mountaineering community. But he was never supposed to be a mountaineer in the first place.

    This week on Out and Back, Adrian opens up about how his one-year deferment from medical school turned into 20. The mountain guide discusses the challenges of guiding clients up the world’s tallest mountains and how a fateful encounter on the side of Mount Everest led to meeting his fiancée, professional climber Emily Harrington.

  • How to Use Gaia GPS for Snowmobiling

    by Abby Levene
    by Abby Levene

    Riding a sled allows you to cover a lot of terrain in a short amount of time. But this liberating, rewarding, and high-speed access comes with a price — it’s easy to get lost. That’s where navigation tools come into play. Learn how to use Gaia GPS to explore new terrain and to stay safer riding.

  • Cell phones offer many useful features, even when you find yourself far away from cell towers. In the backcountry, they’ve become a go-to navigation tool, an alarm clock for alpine starts, and the place to conveniently store guide books and maps. Check out these ways you can use your cell phone in the backcountry even when cell service is sparse to none.

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