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  • 8 Easy Car Camping Meals

    by Abby Levene
    by Abby Levene

    Eight outdoor enthusiasts weigh in on their go-to, easy car camping meals. From curried quinoa to steak kebobs, check out these no-hassle recipes that are delicious and easy to clean up.

  • Ultralight backpacking trailblazer Adventure Alan Dixon goes beyond the gear lists to recount one of the most harrowing outdoor mishaps of his career. He also talks about the one thing you can leave at home to make your pack lighter, his preference for hiking shorter high routes rather than slaying miles on long-distance trails, and why everyone should get outside today.

  • Ultralight Backpacking Tips

    by Joe Pasteris
    by Joe Pasteris

    Lighten your backpack with these top tips from ultralight backpacker and gear reviewer Adventure Alan. Read more about how he uses the “free three” technique to reduce his pack weight without spending a dime on expensive gear.

  • How to Get Started Overlanding

    by Bryan Rogala
    by Bryan Rogala

    Overlanding has taken the outdoor industry by storm, and for good reason — the goal is to get as far off the beaten path as possible. Get started by learning what an overlanding route looks like, the type of vehicle and equipment you’ll need, and tips for planning your first trip.

  • Meet Kevin and Sarah McCuiston of Lifestyle Overland in episode 5 of the Out and Back podcast, presented by Gaia GPS. The McCuistons quit the 9-to-5 grind a few years ago to take up a nomadic lifestyle on the backroads in North America. Learn about their transition to full-time overlanding, their tips for traveling long distance with a toddler, and their trusty rig — “Silver,” a Toyota 4Runner towing a Turtleback Trailer. Kevin also talks about his favorite camp meal and Sarah discusses why she has taken over as the primary driver in Lifestyle Overland adventures. Tune in today to learn more about their tips on how to get rolling in the sport of overlanding.

  • Find water sources, identify river crossings, and get a better picture of any landscape with the new US Hydrography map. This new layer points out more rivers, streams, lakes, and wetlands than any other map on Gaia GPS. Level up your favorite maps by pairing them with the US Hydrography layer for more precise and expanded coverage of bodies of water across the United States.

  • Learn how to photograph the night sky, including star trails and the brilliant Milky Way, with these five pro tips from landscape and action photographer Scott Sady. Sady covers the fine details of gear recommendations, how to find the best location, and editing tips, so you can get the best results.

  • Tune in to episode 4 of the Out and Back podcast with Blue Ridge Outdoors 2020 Hiker of the Year ( Daniel White. Known as the Blackalachian in the outdoor community, White tackled his first thru-hike in 2017 when he set out on the Appalachian Trail with no experience camping. In fact, the first night he spent in a tent was his first night thru-hiking the AT.

    In this episode, White recounts the ups and downs of his AT completion, opening up about a racist encounter at his camp near the Mason-Dixon line on the AT. He takes us through his “powerful” ride on the Underground Railroad Trail, and his trips to Europe last year, where he hiked across Scotland and completed the Camino Del Norte in Spain. Fueled by both adversity and kindness from the people he met along the way, White’s drive for solo adventure shines through in this interview.

  • Cell phones offer many useful features, even when you find yourself far away from cell towers. In the backcountry, they’ve become a go-to navigation tool, an alarm clock for alpine starts, and the place to conveniently store guide books and maps. Check out these ways you can use your cell phone in the backcountry even when cell service is sparse to none.

  • The Gaia GPS map collection now includes 45 new and updated maps, covering national park and recreation areas throughout the United States. As National Parks open up, stay safe by skipping the paper map and viewing all the park and recreation amenities, trailheads, and must-see stops right on your phone.

    Start planing your next national park visit or tour now. Make sure you hit all the best sightseeing stops and avoid inconveniences like road closures along the way with the NPS Visitor maps, available today.

  • Tune into the Out and Back podcast today as backcountry navigation expert and guide Andrew Skurka weighs in how to stay found in the wilderness. Known for laying down first tracks on three enormous hiking routes in the U.S, Skurka has become an authority on map and compass navigation. Tune in to hear Skurka’s story about his path from “living on crumbs” as a full-time adventurer to becoming a guide, gear reviewer, and author on all things backpacking. Also, don’t miss his discussion about the value of carrying both paper maps and digital maps, what’s in his navigation kit, and the one simple thing that will keep you from getting lost in the backcountry. Spoiler: it’s not triangulation.

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