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  • Top 10 Ways to Use Waypoints

    by Abby Levene
    by Abby Levene

    Join us in soaking up the last of summer by celebrating the holiday weekend outside! Between now and the end of Tuesday (11:59 pm PT), go on an adventure and add a photo waypoint to your Gaia GPS map for a chance to receive a $25 gift card to the Outside Shop! Don’t know how to add a photo waypoint to the map? No sweat. Read on to learn how to add photo waypoints and to make the most of waypoints in general. Happy adventuring!

  • Ditch the crowds with Gaia Overland, our brand new overlanding map. Designed in-house for planning big routes, navigating tricky terrain, and rerouting on the fly, Gaia Overland is the definitive map for all of your overlanding, offroading, and motorized adventures. MVUM, USFS, public land boundaries – it’s all in here. Take Gaia Overland offline and put it right on your vehicle’s dashboard.

  • Save time and energy with map packs, our newest way to map. Enable this new experimental feature for iOS users and instantly put the best map presets in your hands. Whether you’re overlanding, stargazing, or just want to check the weather for the weekend, select the map pack perfectly curated for your needs.

  • Find out where you can send texts, make calls or access the internet along any route or trail. The new Cell Phone Coverage maps define where major cell phone carriers reach across the United States including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Whether you’re headed to the national parks, planning a thru-hike, or going into the backcountry for a few nights, use these maps to find out if you’ll have cell service anywhere you plan to go in the US.

  • What do you do when you’re unhappy in your corporate job? You hit the road and drive…all the way to Australia. That’s how Monique Song found her way into offroading and eventually becoming the beloved Overland Lady. Learn how Monique breaks down gender, racial, and cultural norms on her solo adventures around the world.

  • Overlanding upgrades often include expensive add-ons like lockers, a winch, or a new suspension. But there is a simple upgrade that will improve your vehicle’s traction, and it doesn’t have to cost a penny. Try airing down your tires. In this article, you’ll learn how to gauge tire pressure, the different methods for airing down, tools to make it easy, and how to air back up when you hit the pavement.

  • How to Check for Snow on the Trail

    by Abby Levene
    by Abby Levene

    Sunny spring days make us eager to hit the trails. But warm, dry conditions at the parking lot do not necessarily indicate that all the snow has melted out on the high mountain passes and deep into the woods up ahead. In this guide, you’ll learn how to use the FreshSat, Snow Depth, Snow Stations (Daily), and Weather Forecast layers in conjunction with other trusted resources to get a good sense of how much snow to expect on your next trip. Use these tools to help inform your route choice, as well as what gear, traction, and layers to bring.

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