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  • Identify avalanche terrain quicker and easier this winter with the new Slope Angle – Avalanche map. Designed in-house, this map expands our coverage globally and integrates high-resolution data to help make picking out steep slopes on the map a snap. Add the new slope angle layer to your favorite base map to help plan a safer route through the snow-bound backcountry.

  • Gaia GPS Welcomes 7 New Team Members

    by Laura Friedland
    by Laura Friedland

    Join us in welcoming seven new members to the Gaia GPS team! This new addition includes members of the support, design, and engineering team. Get to know them and read about their wildest outdoor pursuits, their greatest professional accomplishments and the organizations they support.

  • Special Out and Back co-host The Real Hiking Viking joins Shanty to chat with hiking legend Zach “Badger” Davis. Badger shares how meditation and mental preparation helped him complete thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail despite having zero backpacking experience. He shares how that thru-hike changed his life, leading him to write Appalachian Trials and found The Trek. Plus, Viking and Badger share wild stories from their joint PCT thru-hike.

  • If you’re considering an overlanding or off-roading trip, you’ll need a quiver of off-road driving skills like how to handle sand, mud, river crossings, and steeps climbs. Four 4×4 experts weigh in on the the key overlanding skills to master for a successful journey on the backroads. Learn about the best overlanding maps, tire pressure, and how to develop “trail vision.”

  • On this episode of the Out and Back podcast, hiker and guide book author Scott Turner shares how to make the most of a one-day visit to a national park. He gives insider tips on how to get off the beaten path, and what time of year to visit certain parks. Turner also runs through everything you should bring in your pack to have fun and stay safe on a day hike.

  • If you enjoy both the excitement of biking and the solitude of backcountry camping, bikepacking offers a thrilling way to explore wild places. In this guide, learn nearly everything you need to to get started – including the best bike options, how to pack your gear, and how to plan and navigate routes. Plus, get tips for preparing your body and bike for that first adventure.

  • Fidgit and Neon have spent the past five years traveling backpacking, biking, and paddling their way across South and Central America, Mexico, and the United States on a non-motorized tour. In this episode of the the Out and Back podcast, get the inside scoop on their trip, Her Odyssey. Learn how they dreamt up the trip, how to navigate foreign cultures, and tips for staying safe while backpacking abroad. They also share heart-warming stories about locals they’ve met along the way and how their contrasting personalities serve their expedition mission in unique ways.

  • Solo Backpacking with a Stalker

    by Mary Cochenour
    by Mary Cochenour

    Wilderness ranger Mary Cochenour conquered her fear of solo backpacking, only to discover she was not alone after all. She was being stalked! Tune into the Out and Back podcast to hear Mary recount this thrilling tale. Mary reveals how this sketchy incident inspired her to keep backpacking solo. And she shares insight on how and why to face your fears.

  • Ultralight Backpacking Tips

    by Joe Pasteris
    by Joe Pasteris

    Lighten your backpack with these top tips from ultralight backpacker and gear reviewer Adventure Alan. Read more about how he uses the “free three” technique to reduce his pack weight without spending a dime on expensive gear.

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