Post Your Tracks on OpenStreetMap from



We’ve made it easier than ever to use your Gaia GPS tracks to update OpenStreetMap (OSM). Sending missing trails to OSM previously involved multiple steps. Now, you can push a track from to by clicking on a menu option that appears on the details page for tracks and routes.

  1. Go to, click on your username, and select a track.
  2. Under the Data menu, click the Upload to OpenStreetMap link.The browser will open a new window and direct you to the OSM login page (signing up is easy and free!). Note that you’ll need to allow pop-ups.
  3. Grant OSM access to your Gaia GPS tracks.

Once you’ve pushed the track to OSM, it will appear in the Public GPS traces list. You or another OSM contributor can then use the data to edit new trails, roads and places into the map.

Pending Traces on OpenStreetMap

Lost Lake Trail now appears in OSM’s list of pending tracks. Contributors use this list to add data to the map. You can also click the edit link to trace over the track and add it yourself.

Finally, those edits will percolate to many maps that use OpenStreetMap data, such as our very own Gaia Topo. Your edits will improve both the detail of maps, and the data routing engines use to generate trail and driving directions.

If you’ve recently hiked a trail missing from the map, we encourage you to try it out. We’d love to know what you think. Post your thoughts to the Gaia GPS Community Forum, or email if you have any questions.