Meet Nathan Copeland – Gaia GPS Adventure Support Team

Nathan joined Gaia GPS in October 2016 as a part of the Communications Team, to support Gaia GPS users and write technical documentation. Nathan has a deep background in modern mapping, and a lifelong love of the outdoors, which will benefit the Gaia GPS community greatly.

Prior to Gaia GPS, Nathan spent five years with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation as a Fisheries Technician. His work spanned creating sampling maps, surveying fish populations, and analyzing and archiving field data.

Nathan and his wife reside among the waving wheat of Oklahoma and have become avid Gaia GPS users as they document their wilderness-focused road trips around the US. So far they have visited 38 states and visited most of the national parks in the Western US. Nathan also enjoys using Gaia GPS for planning road trips to explore new trails and discover places.

Nathan can pop up anywhere on the weekends, with adventures ranging from the elite wave of an obstacle course race, chasing white bass on the river, hiking trails in the woods, or throwing heavy stuff at a Scottish highland games.

Nathan Copeland, Adventure Support Team

Nathan Copeland, Adventure Support Team