New Year’s Web Update – Mass File, Delete, and Sync

Kicking off our web updates for 2016, we shipped a redesign for your data lists on

You can now mass-select a bunch of items in your saved tracks, waypoints, and other lists and do things like file the selection in folders, toggle the sync status, or delete items.

Also look out for the minor 10.4.2 release for iOS this week. It tweaks a couple of things from our last major (v10.4) release, which included auto-naming for tracks and waypoints, additional language support, a more user friendly map source menu and iPhone Main Menu, and polygons support for GaiaPro users.

This year, our staff and focus has grown, so you’ll see more changes to Gaia GPS and than any year since we launched in 2009. And of course, we always love to hear from you at