Free GPS Tools for Volunteer Emergency Responders

Volunteer Emergency Responders, please contact us for a free copy of Gaia GPS + GaiaPro subscription. Through this pilot program, we hope to get Gaia GPS out to more places it can help.

Over the years, people like wildland firefighters, search and rescue personnel, and aid workers at disaster sites (like the Haitian Earthquake) have adopted Gaia GPS for mapping and data collection. We have had a policy of giving the app and subscription service to anyone we noticed, and we hope this announcement lets us do that more.

We timed this announcement to coincide with the release of a new feature in v10.4 of Gaia GPS for iOS. The new “areas” feature lets GaiaPro users create shapes, measure area and perimeters, download maps based on areas, and import areas from KML files. Woodland Firefighters and Alaskan SmokeJumpers we’ve met doing user support have often requested this areas feature.

Firefighters also tell us they use Gaia GPS currently to help plan escape routes, mark fire lines, and track a fire’s progression, using features like downloadable Forest Service maps, marking lat/long waypoints, and route creation.

Volunteer Emergency Responders, Tell Us About Your Work.

This pilot program may lead us to extend offers to other not-for-profit groups, beyond volunteers. We may provide free or discounted apps or memberships, based on need.

If you could use Gaia GPS for field work, please let us know. In our September poll, “What do you use Gaia GPS for?”, many professional groups responded, such as Search and Rescue teams, pilots, geologists, trail maintenance crews, among others. We’d love to know about other professional work done in the backcountry using Gaia GPS. Specifically:

  • Which features of Gaia GPS or the Pro subscription do you use in your work?
  • What other functionality do you need?

Send an email to for more info, and to let us know how you use Gaia GPS.