NeoTreks Land Use Maps Now Available

Premium Members now have access to Neotreks Land Use Maps for the United States. The layer shows high-detail ownership boundaries for federal, state, local, and municipal lands, as well as private inholdings.

Consider using the map to plan your next hunting trip, RV excursion, or outdoor adventure. Layer it with Gaia Topo so you can still keep track of amenities like campsites, information centers, and parking.

To add the overlay, go to Map Sources | Edit | Premium Maps | Premium Topo Maps | NeoTreks Land Use.

An Information-Packed and Attractive Resource

NeoTreks provides 100% coverage for the US. The layer’s beautiful cartography displays contours and hillshading that will help you plan your route. You can find the legend on the NeoTreks website. The map also includes more than 250,000 trails.

If you’re a Premium Member, let us know how you plan to use the map. You can post your ideas to the Gaia GPS Community Forum, or email with questions.