South Australia Topo: Maps for Kangaroo Island, Flinders Range, the Coastline and More

iphone with South Australia topo map of Kangaroo Island in foreground with image of coast in background.

Gaia GPS’s Australia map collection now includes South Australia Topo. For adventurers down under, this authoritative government-produced map unlocks five areas from the coast to the mountains. Dial in your South Australian route with detailed topo maps, road and track information, and key landmark notations.

What’s Included in South Australia Topo?

The South Australia Topo map includes full topographic coverage for Kangaroo Island, Flinders Range, Yorke Peninsula, Riverland & Murray Mallee, Mount Lofty Ranges, and Eyre Peninsula. Coverage extends along 3,800km of southern coast from the border of Western Australia to Victoria, and extends north to the Flinders Range.

Map details include topography, roads and tracks, buildings, and other landscape features. It also features a standard topographic map base, generated from databases maintained by South Australia’s Department of Land and Water and other state government agencies.

South Australia coastline with trees in the foreground.

About South Australia Topo

Australia’s official Government resource, Emergency Services Map Books provides the maps for South Australia Topo. Mapping scales include: 1:250k, 1:100k, 1:50k, and 1:25k. A combination of high and low resolution maps show the entire extent of coverage at every scale.

Multiple Australia maps already live in the Gaia GPS map catalog as part of Gaia GPS’s growing effort to provide maps for the entire country.

How to Access South Australia Topo in Gaia GPS

South Australia Topo maps are available for users with a Premium Membership. Gaia GPS users of all levels have access to other Australia and New Zealand maps that can all be found here.

To add the South Australia map to your collection, visit the layers menu and view the Australia/New Zealand/Asia maps category. Select South Australia Topo or choose from the list of other Australia maps available.