Many Improvements for GaiaCloud Website

We posted a sweet update to that greatly improves the pages that show Track Details. You can check out an example of a new track page, detailing a trail near Scott Mountain. These are the pages that you can share with friends (or link directly to the slideshow even), and review stats, graphs, the map, and photos.

We improved these pages by showing the important info (photos and text) at the top of the page, and grouping things you can do with a track (like download data or get directions) to the right sidebar. At the same time, we fixed numerous usability issues and bugs – both for mobile and desktop users.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 4.01.08 PM

In addition, users may also notice that all of the track pages, gallery page, and map pages load quickly, because we have been working on optimizing speed in general.

Go on a hike this weekend, and make sure to share your track! We think your loved ones will like the new pages.