Apple features Gaia GPS, again, twice

We were delighted to get Apple’s newsletter this morning, featuring screenshots of Gaia GPS on top. The newsletter links to the “Elevating the Expedition” verse Apple made to show the iPad and Gaia GPS in the Himalayas, and the newsletter complements the story that is still running on the front of

Screenshot 2014-03-24 11.05.35

In addition, we noticed on Friday that both Gaia GPS and Skipper were included in Apple’s new Camping & Hiking iTunes feature.  Not only are the apps featured, but they are ranked prominently (1st and 2nd) in their categories in the feature.

Screenshot 2014-03-24 11.22.02


It’s starting to seem like you can’t use iTunes without running into one of our apps! Our simple topo apps, Offline Topo Maps, is also heavily featured in the Education category, in various collections, which leads to various bulk education orders.

Pretty neat, and it’s nice to see the deck being stacked for a vigorous little company like us!