Lost in the woods and found by Gaia GPS

We get a lot of interesting reports back from people using Gaia GPS in the wild, everything from tracking wolves, to research in Mongolia, to climbing Everest. One email we received today made me really remember why we started this whole thing in the first place.

Like these folks, I’d found myself lost in the woods, even with a map. And no one came by to guide me out with Gaia GPS:

…the hikers we encountered up there were indeed totally lost and headed into very difficult and dangerous terrain. Steep cliffs with thousand foot drops were less than a few hundred yards ahead of them. Our jaws dropped when we heard them say where they thought they were. Seriously.


By showing them the little arrow on Gaia on an iPad Mini, which PROVED where they were, and PROVED without a doubt as no map could ever do. They were NOT where they thought they were, GAIA helped convince them we were correct and they were not. They were lost, if temporarily so, and on dangerous ground. Like a cat going up a tree, it was way harder going down than up.


I use caps sparingly, but wanted to be clear how GAIA was better at that moment in the field, than a map. One of our patrolmen then gave them his own expensive land map, as well wisely as his cell phone number, as you shall see, and we pointed them out. They quickly became lost again, even with a land map, and wisely called us back on their cell, and I went back down and led them out to the proper trail.