Data for Black Rock City, Burning Man 2013

For all of those wondering, we are indeed working on the 2013 updates for iBurn (we get a lot of emails this time a year). There are many contributors now, and we think the apps will get updated every year (and Android will be great this year!). The apps aren’t quite done yet, but we have data to share:

You can use these resources for any project you wish. We consider it all to be open and free, in the spirit of the event. Nine people contributed to iBurn this year, and we hosted a hack day at Trailbehind offices last Saturday to get everything set up – iOS, Android, and the data wrangling. I’d like to acknowledge everyone who contributed:

2 thoughts on “Data for Black Rock City, Burning Man 2013

  1. Brian Bunin

    For those of us heading out in the next few days, will this be a new app or will iBurn 2012 update with the new data?

  2. barthalamu

    Are you planning on releasing the BM map data for the gaia gps iOS app? I work perimeter at the event and plan on using gaia to help find my way OUTSIDE the trash fence and it would be great to have the city data as a reference without having to mark waypoints myself.

    I LOVE the app!!!! Keep up the good work!

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