Use Gaia GPS in Airplane Mode in iOS 8.3+

In the latest versions of iOS (8.3+), Apple will now allow GPS to function in Airplane Mode. This means you can save battery life in Gaia GPS, by turning on Airplane Mode on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Note that Gaia GPS also provides an internal “Offline Mode,” which you may prefer. Offline Mode saves less battery, but lets you make phone calls and use the internet outside of Gaia GPS.

Airplane Mode vs. Offline Mode

Airplane Mode turns off all internet functions, phone calls, and texts. Prior to iOS 8.3, Airplane Mode also disabled the GPS in your iPhone/iPad, which crippled most of Gaia GPS. Now, with the latest iOS updates, you can use Airplane Mode, and Gaia GPS will be able to plot you on the map, and record your trip.

Alternatively, if you do prefer to get texts and phone calls, you can use Offline Mode within Gaia GPS. Offline Mode will narrowly prevent Gaia GPS from using the internet, and your device will otherwise function normally.

Both Modes extend battery life, stop the app from downloading maps and data and allow the use of GPS.

Enabling Airplane Mode

Swipe up from the bottom of your home screen, to open the menu to enable Airplane Mode.

Airplane Mode 2 Skitched

You can also toggle Airplane Mode in the main Settings app.

Airplane Mode Skitched and Cropped