Track page updates – graphs, maps, and photos

The Track pages are probably the single most important part of the GaiaCloud website. It’s a challenge to figure out what information to show, and how to show it, so that each Track page tells a story.

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve done a lot of work to improve these pages. Here is an example track page from our recent company trip to Vermillion Valley Resort.

We initially just made these pages a big map, with some tabbed information at the bottom. But now the Track pages show the stats, graphs, photos, and waypoints all together, with less emphasis on the map. Particularly when sharing a page with friends, we think this is more what people want. Also, besides the overall layout, there is now more hidden functionality, to show things like where photos fall on the map, and how the graphs interact with the tracks. You can also download the data file in convenient ways – both as standard data forms (GPX/KML), or by syncing the track into your own GaiaCloud.

We still have a long way to go, even with these pages, but we think they are starting to be very easy-to-use and functional.