Experiment Sale: Offline Topo Maps is .99 for the Weekend

Offline Topo Maps is on sale for .99 (instead of 9.99), at least through this weekend.

This is a price experiment, because we noticed about 40% of people who buy OTM end up purchasing the “Gaia GPS” upgrade in the app. This upgrade transforms OTM into our full-featured outdoor app, Gaia GPS. It might make sense for us to keep the price of OTM low, which would be good for users in general. We’re not sure if this will work, because it has implications for load on our servers, support staff, and sales of Gaia, but we can see how it goes for a few days.

If this sale works out, we’ll likely then increase the price of the Gaia GPS upgrade, so the cost of OTM + upgrade remains the same as buying Gaia GPS directly. For now, you get a better deal buying OTM and then upgrading, because we didn’t want to cause any unexpected price hikes for people who just bought OTM, expecting to upgrade to Gaia.