Outdoor News – Gaia GPS 9/4/15

This week, Gaia GPS is working to bring you the latest in outdoor news. From controversy on the Appalachian Trail to goodies for the kids, and wildfires in the west, here are the stories that you should know.

Scott Jurek

Fans of the Appalachian Trail will know that long-distance runner Scott Jurek beat Jennifer Pharr Davis’s AT record by just 3 hours in July. (NY Times)

His final summit was not without controversy, however. A park ranger cited Jurek over minor infractions on his record-setting trip while hiking through Maine’s iconic Baxter State Park. Tensions between park officials and Appalachian Trail hikers have the future of the trail’s northern terminus in jeopardy. (NY Times)

Free National Park Entry

Beginning September 1st, all fourth grade students will have access to their own “Every Kid in a Park” pass. This pass provides free access to national parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges, and more! (NPS)


Wildfire dangers had closed a section of the Pacific Crest Trail in Crater Lake National Park through the junction with Lightning Springs Trail. Wetter and cooler weather has allowed park rangers to reopen the trail for the weekend. (AP)

Contaminated Colorado River

A comprehensive study found the Colorado River that cuts the Grand Canyon is contaminated with toxic levels of Mercury and Selenium. (NatGeo)


Gaia GPS users will be hosting the Appalachian Toyota Round-Up this weekend. The event takes place annually over Labor Day weekend in Oliver Springs, TN. It is held at WindRock Park, the largest privately owned off-road park, with over 72,000 acres and spanning 4 different counties.

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