New controls on to mass-delete and sync tracks and other data

Many  users have asked us for controls on to manage data en masse. So, now the pages to view your tracks (and photos, waypoints, routes, and maps) have typical controls to select many items, and set those items to delete or not sync to your devices.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 9.51.20 AM

In software, I really do think it’s the little things that count, and starting off with a simple base and working with users to understand their wants and needs leads to the best sort of software. GaiaCloud started off without any web front-end at all – just a service that synced tracks and waypoints (not even photos or maps) between devices, intended to keep that data backed up, and for convenience. That’s what we considered to be the “minimum viable product.”

With all the effort we’ve been able to put into GaiaCloud recently, though, the project has bloomed terrifically, and the website has become one of the distinguishing characteristics of Gaia GPS.