iBurn for Android will be Ready When Gates Open

Update, 4:43pm, Monday: We are almost done and hope to get it out by tomorrow. It ended up being trickier than we expected.

Update, 11:34pm, Sunday: Still working on it :/

Folks keep emailing and asking if we are going to update the Android iBurn app this year, since the iOS app went live yesterday. The answer is almost certainly yes – we will try and at least have the app as it was last year, showing the map, and it won’t be ready until basically when gates open.

If you are an Android developer, we would very much appreciate anyone chipping in and either getting the app ready or improving it, as you see fit. You can either contact us at iburn@gaiagps.com, or you can simply go to town on the open source code, hosted on GitHub.

Due to the embargo we have to observe on the camp geo-data, we probably won’t publish the Android version until gates open. For the iPhone version, we worked around the embargo by locking up the data in the app, but on Android, we don’t have as many developers, and we don’t really have time to code the app for early release. As I understand it, there should be some wi-fi on the playa this year, so hopefully the early-goers will be able to get it regardless.